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Piece of news “17.07 - 19.07.2015, 10:00 Narva International baykfest «NARVA BIKE»”

17.07 - 19.07.2015, 10:00 Narva International baykfest «NARVA BIKE»
Creation date: 2015-06-28 19:02:16 | Visits: 3528

Will Narva Bike 2015 take place this year or not? 

This year many have asked: Will Narva Bike 2015 take place this year or not? I think it's easier to answer everyone of you here on the internet. Basically, festival called "Narva Bike" will not take place this year. Our long-standing and reliable partner Geneva Ltd., who has helped us for 7 years with organizing Narva Bikefest moto event, has declined to organize and conduct the event this year without telling us any reasons. We thank Geneva Ltd. for long lasting and rich co-operation and hope that we could pleasantly continue co-operation with them in future.
In the current situation we have decided to take over organizing, so we won't leave our friends, guests and citizens of Narva, who have also got used to our summery motoevent, in a mess.
Organizing of the festival will take over Magnum MC this year. We try to maintain the athmosphere and the rest best that you liked at our "Baltic Rand" and 
"Narva Bike" moto events. Narva Bike - a logical continuation was to name it over as Narva Motor Festival, where we continue the entertainment that has become close to our moto tradition: beer, good music and our hospitality. 
Welcome to our «Narva MotoFest» all motorcyclists, motto hikers and people with good will. We greet and we are waiting all of you!

Vicepresident of Magnum MC
Igor (Dzan) Batin
Resp.Magnum MC

Heivi Pruuli
Tel. 555 17706
Mirka Agentuur